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If you expect to have access to your own money or even decent US based customer service, do not purchases a GoBank card!! Because they screwed up my mailing address, they deactivated my card, with every dime I have put on it, and now have to wait 7 business days to get at MY MONEY????? Not one customer service rep eis from the US, they barely speak English, nobody above the phone answers to speak with, no expedited shipping of cards, no help... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #905313

worst company ... EVER. have used all, these Greendot variariond worde than rhe original, and that is bad to begin with. these scumbags should be shot

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I teansferred $100 from money vault to my account but my $100 disappeared. Spoke with 3 service reps No help at all. I am on fixed income and i cannot afford for this money to be gone. Nobody will say anything except we are woeking on technical issue. They say you will have response in 4 hours..well 4 hours has past 16 hours ago!!! Read more

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First they say, "Hey we give instant payout in any amount". The catch: AS USUAL UBER never does anything to really benefit their drivers. They are a corporation after all and only look out for THE CORPORATION. They force you into opening an account with this shady GOBANK company. They send you a flimsy non-chipped punch out Visa Debit card. Within 30-90 days this card stops working. You order a replacement, which by they way can only be replaced... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 17
  • #902602

Go Bank you are trash customer service was so poor you shouldn't even have one no one ever helps me then they said the money got returned I never saw it but it shows that it did if you have go Bank get rid of it ASAP

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Well, against advice from friends I got a GoBank card, thinking it would simplify my life. Lo, and behold, they've frozen almost $900 of my money indefinitely with one of the same B.S. excuses they give to everyone else. HOWEVER I work as lead Paralegal at a law firm and my employer is interested in finding out how many others there are in the same boat so he can review the situation for a possible class action suit. Any depository institution... Read more

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HAD FOR 6 YEARS & 1 BIG MISTAKE FROM THEM CAUSES THEM TO LOSE ME AS A CUSTOMER I am having the same issue. I transferred $203 from out of the vault to the checking account and it disappeared. I checked my account and I had no pending transactions and the last transaction was a transfer to the vault. It did not show it transferring out and the balance is at $0. It just disappeared. I called and spoke to someone who said that in there system is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 11
  • #898713

Absolutely horrible service . If youre a member. Cancel right away

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Bought card at Walmart and put $45 on it. Got home to setup online and it tells me invalid card number. CAN YOU SAY PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then It tells me I've tried to many times to log on. So I go back to Wal mart and they are no help either. They can even refund my money. And when I try to call the go bank or green dot, it gives me no option at all to speak to a representative. So now what. This is a SCAM!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read more

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My name is Elena Akishina Gobank is blocking my saving money $ 1507.78 without any reason. they sent an email to me about three business days saying that my money was going to be returned in one business day and they lied to me i am sending you a copy of that email. Card Update (1261) [ ref:_00DF0BnNE._500F0yqGFS:ref ] Inbox x Go Bank via Aug 1... Read more

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