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A credit line with Verizon was attempted with my all personal information including SSN. I have placed credit alerts and credit locks through the three services.

Yesterday, I received a credit card from I did not order.

I attempted to call someone to determine where and how I got my information. I called and got routed to the fraud department. The woman requested the account; I don' t have one. The number on the credit card will suffice.

Next, I asked to provide personal information to verify my identity. I requested to speak the woman's supervisor. The woman's reply was "I wish I could do that, but I am unable to do that." I kept asking for her supervisor, I asked to be transfer to someone in the US. Same reply.

SO, I kept her on the phone, wasting her with stories of my youth, family history, I even let her to listen to public TV.

I finally dropped the call. I redialed but same story.

User's recommendation: Report this company to your attorney general of your state and file a complaint with Federal Trade Commission.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: I want determine the origin of personal information.

GoBank Cons: Fraudulent.

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"wasting her with stories of my youth" LOL...The agent was still paid while not having to work. Heck, they probably took the time to look at social media or some other task on the clock while you "wasted her time." You gained nothing but if it makes you feel better to think so, go for it.

You were the one whose time was wasted. You already know someone is pulling a fast one on. You chose to waste time playing phone games or asking for the magic manager.

You have better things to do... Thanks for the laugh....

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