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received a loan from sba for independent contractor, go bank has frozen it for 8 days i can not access any money nor will they call mne back or do anything about it, im loosing money in fees everyday bc i can not use the funds for what they were for ! I really really need help

Product or Service Mentioned: Gobank Direct Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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My account is now un-blocked. It was a long process. Off to paying bills now.


Did zenda c get account unlocked


No, its still blocked. I was told this past Friday to wait for today Monday for review of my documents that I sent in.

I was told to call back after 4:00pm today. I am totally at a lost.


This is crazy!! I got a sba loan for 50,000.00 June 30th and I have been going through the same thing as you are..

if you would keep me updated and I’ll do the same. I looked up the federal law for banks as far as holding deposits and 10 days is the max limit.

That’s with any exceptions.. we shouldn’t have to go through this to access our funds.


Will do, I just called to be told to check back between 5:00 and 6:00 now. So darn frustrating my loan was only for $14,00.00 its been a total of 13 days now. I was funded like you on June 30th as well.


Well its 5:17pm and I am still blocked. I called and spoke with bill he said he would call me back as he has no update yet that was at 4:30pm today still no call back.


They closed my account today with 49,000.00 in it. Did u get yours?


No I keep getting the run around my account is still blocked.


Since they closed your account, are they sending your money back to you?


Waiting for a phone call from corporate... I totally regret having my loan sent here I know that


I have been speaking to corporate who keeps giving me the runaround. The last person I spoke to this morning said they are at the mercy of another department to un-block my acct. Now there telling me again to wait until the end of the day to see if there is any updates.


I finally spoke with corporate which said they were unable to verify my identity due to the photo on my ID having red on my neck.... what...

LOL I was just like ok whatever just send the money back to sba I’ll open an account from a real bank. They emailed me an indemnification agreement form instructing me to get this form to sba to fill out and fax back to gobank in order for gobank to send the money back. I called SBA whom was shocked and Livid. They informed me that the indemnification form was stating that gobank wouldn’t be held responsible for the funds.

Sba was like definitely Not will that form be filled out. “They are stealing money” was sba exact words. She said that money isn’t there’s if they are not going to open your account for any reason than the money needes to be returned automatically.

She emailed her supervisor and advised me they have been having this problem with CHIME also holding funds. So I opened an account with Wells Fargo I’m just waiting to hear from sba stating they got the money back and send it to my “REAL” bank account.


Have you been able to access your funds? Unblock your account? In same position just looking for some hope I guess!!


No its been one delay after the other.


yes i did the same i emailed copy of loan documents yesterday and was told two nore days, i am looking intoi a lawyer to see what is possible bc not sure how much a price you could put on all the stress its been over two weeks, literally had trouble buying dinner for my mother last night, makes me wana cry as a grown man


call 1-62*-***-**** then option 7


Thanks I just tried that and they told me the same thing, that the coiuld do nothing on their end and they escaltated it for someone in pasadena california to call me within 2c business days!! we are not talking about hundreds of dollars this is alot of money i had been waiting over 3 months to get and sooon as i did they have ruined my life litereally.

i was supposed to use the funds to buy materials for my work, I am now being charged storage and handling fees because they are holding materials i can not pay for, ruining my credit and good name with the company. I just do not see how they could freeze a loan from the government and then not tell me why or how to fix it for over 8 days now

@Christopher B

Same here its been 7 days for me. This is utterly un-acceptable.

Today they are now requesting a copy of the Deposit from the SBA which is ridiculous. I called SBA and they have no copy of the Deposit and stated its already been funded.

I emailed my signed loan documents was the best that I could do. Now GoBank wants another 2 business days to review.


Thank you for the additional contact number. I called and was told to wait another 2 business days for a call back from the corporate department.

@Zenda C

i just wanted let u guys know i did finally get account unlocked... call 186* *** **** extension 2173 ..i literally called media relations and left voicemails and got someone call me back.

that is strait to corporate office that can fix your account.

i emailed them directly all my documents and account was unlocked within 45 minutes,,prob not supposed give that number out but want help you guys get account fixed i know how stressfull it all is... good luck

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