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This company offered me a loan told me to pay deposit of 222 dollars so I can get the loan of 2,722 then they call back saying something about I did subscribe with gobank online so the pets called junstin timbelet told me I had by another card and deposited 300 when I did I wait then they told me it was ready that the founds we be transfer and had to call a num and speak to Daniel corner he telling me something rong about my name rong and I had to by another card and deposited 300 dollars more to transfer the money I told him i did not want the loan no more and was going to by the card so he can give back my money end up giving 825 dollars so he call me back that I had a red flag and money was block and had to by another card and 500 dollars I did not by. Hope to be answer back . Good day

Product or Service Mentioned: Gobank Prepaid Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You are an idiot for giving a scam money


Uhmmmmmmmmm.....Are you sure you're talking to the REAL Go Bank? What kind of personal loan requires you to pay something up front especially via a card("me I had by another card")you were told you must purchase.

You my friend are no doubt being scammed and not by this bank. Google up 8 Warnings Signs A Personal Loan Is A Scam "8. Asks for payment in the form a gift card.

Paying a lender with a gift card is the same as paying with cash — once the money has been used, it’s nearly impossible to trace or get back. No legitimate lender will ask you pay with a gift card, and if your lender is pressuring you to do so, you should find a new loan."

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