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Go bank is junk. I bought a temporary card at Walmart and funded it with $180.

I then attempted to activate my card which by the way is the only way you can use it. you cannot access your funds until you activate the card. I went through the whole activation process, but when it came to the security questions I got a phone call and upon returning to webpage my activation application had timed out. After timing out the website for go bank which is the only way to activate a card then wouldn't allow me to activate or attempt to activate the card again.

For some reason it is built in their system to time out ongoing applications without warning, counter or notice that are not completed quickly enough, prompting the user to restart the activation process / application from the beginning. Which is not a problem, except that their system also allows the first unfinished, incomplete activation attempt, that the website cancelled and restarted, to cause the card to be locked from use entirely, and although not fully activated, it is tied to an incomplete application, which cannot be completed, fully activated or removed, neither by website or via phone. The temp card is essentially useless, and since it is technically not activated, no permanent card can be issued, and my $180 is still linked to this account . WTF!

So this prepaid card, which should work regardless of activation of permanent card, cannot be activated online and the funds I had deposited on the card cannot be accessed. I called customer service and after 1.5 hours of trouble shooting and investigation, to try to get them to activate the card, discovered that apparently that's not possible, and due to this system glitch, the card is essentially unusable at this point and only means they have to pay me back is to send me a check for the money I put on the card as the only means of getting to my funds. Likely a 2 to 3 week process. And oh, if I had a checking account to put a check in why would i need a GoBank acct in the first place.

UTTER FAIL!! Dumotbest system flaw, lack of account function and control of any "bank" on the entire planet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gobank Prepaid Card Activation.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $177.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Lack of concern about my card, Money magically disappers from account, Fraudulent business practices.

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