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I received a debit Master Card from GoBank checking account but I never opened an account with this company. I called the phone number listed on the card to activate the card.

I explained I received this card but I never opened an account. I tried to get as much information I can get. the gentlemen name Albert stated all info he can provide is the there was $500 deposited but the balance was $17 dollars with some change. I explained I never deposit or withdrew anything since I was unaware of this till now that I just received the debit card in the mail and I want this account under my name closed immediately and I want to report this as a fraudulent.

Albert said I need to file a consumer complaint with FTC.gov and send them an identity affidavit with a copy of the back and front of my driver license or state ID before they can provide any info as when was this account open, in what state it was opened, was my driver license or Id provided when was the $500 deposit and by whom. He did stated that he will cancel the card.

I will call back today to get any status on this account to make sure he did closed this account. I did loose my wallet during hurricane Irma and there is the possibility someone is committing fraudulent crimes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gobank Account.

Reason of review: fraudulant checking account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: close any account and remove my name from this company.

I didn't like: Fraudulant opened a checking account, I am very unhappy with their service.

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yes I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a go bank card for a Xmas gift, place 220.00 in the card and decide to registered the card that nite and open up the sealed card call and come to find out someone has registered the card already and can't get any response from the bank to help me .

to Charles kreidler #1625629

I just got a call today from Gobank and they told me that I've been approved for a loan of $10,000 and as it is an unsecured loan I need to go to a near by Walmart and buy a Gobank prepaid card and deposit my first installment which is $320 in the card and give them the last 8 digits of the card and they will verify my affordability to pay the loan and will transfer the loan amount of $10,000 into my account. I didn't do that and postponed the process for a week just to check the reviews as I was doubtful based on the way they pronounced their name which was Charles Wilson and the guy was not even able to pronounce the name properly and I had to ask him to spell it out so I can write it down.

I'm a Indian citizen currently working in the US and I could also hear someone in the background speaking in Hindi the national language of India.

So it's very clear that it's a fake company and they are fraud and I asked them where is their bank physically located and he said it's in New York which is obviously fake again. But my question is how are these people getting the contact details of us living in the US when I'm very much sure that they are calling us from somewhere in India.


Have any of you had your problem with go bank solved?They blocked my account over a month ago and they are keeping over $7,000 money that I need, I have sent to go bank everything they asked and they keep on ignoring me and telling me to wait 24 to 48 hours for over one month now.Can someone help me with some advice please! 904-509-1876

to Claudio Alvarado #1568743

Don't feel bad I got a approval for a loan for 5,000 and they said I had to pay fees for making my credit ok another fee to resubmit my information because he said I didn't tell him I had a middle name so I had to pay 350 again so they could identify me he claimed their were 4 people with the same first and last name I know this is impossible but I paid and he said I should receive the loan once this is done he then had a document written out that said if their are any problems when this is redone we will return all of the money back to the customer it was around 1,400 yes their was one more problem the credit Buro wouldn't allow them to release the money to me with out putting a freeze on my credit that was 435 dollars its not over yet once I was able to get the money the loan officer said he is putting it on the card I first baught a week before that he never told me to save and if I lost it it would Caust 300 to redo a new card I told him I don't want the loan I want my money back and he hung up on me that is he worst I've ever been treated by any company in the United States of America we have to do something about these scammers and I hope it happens soon before they run the country!#!!!!!!

to Christopher #1625634

They are not in the US for sure as I got a call from them and I overheard someone speaking in Hindi in the background. I'm from India myself currently living in the US and I'm pretty sure they are calling us from somewhere in India and not US based on the way they speak. But my question is how are they able to get our information?

to Claudio Alvarado #1598304

Did your issue ever get resolved?


Both GOBANK and Green Point are companies that only care about making money. They don't care about your life and death.

They don't have a place to report complaints. They can't write e-mails and can't chat with customers. GOBANK and Green Point have hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud every day. Into their company, so you are not the first victim and not the last victim.

Their review is very low, just waiting for the fraudsters to open the card, or else their company will be premature and there will be no better auditing system. There is no platform for good communication with customer service. GOBANK and Green Dot are American vampires, locusts, but you still can't use it. An account can inject thousands of dollars in funds.

I can say most of the funds have entered. Amazon's gift cards and major websites, why don't people call them money laundering websites?


Scammers use Green Dot and GoBank (owned by Green Dot) as recipients of fraudulently-filed loans and bogus-refund tax returns using YOUR identity. Put a freeze on your credit report with all three credit agencies, report the identity theft to FTC and to local police, keep your FTC form and the police report.

You may need them if any other accounts or applications "get through." Green Dot put me on permanent HOLD when I called to report identity theft by someone opening a Green Dot account in my name.

They are complicit in the scamming by making it very difficult to even report identity theft, let alone to cancel a card or account. It may have more to do with the Equifax breach and less to do with losing your wallet.


I received a debit card in the mail with another person’s name on it. After trying all the 800 numbers available for a customer service representative, the prompts would not allow any further conversation with a live person. This is totally unacceptable in this world of fraudulent behavior.

to Janice jacobs #1378275

We just received an unsolicited card, as well. Does anyone know what number you can call them at where you can talk to a real agent?

to Bonnie #1501219

Not sure if these are legit numbers but these are the two numbers they HARASSED me from regarding them trying to force me to do the process for a loan that I didn’t want!!!!202-601-0708 x-1006678-220-1400Best of luck to you

to Caught the Scammer 3 #1501222
(202) 501-0708 ext 1006 (678)220-1400

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