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IF YOU USE UBER/GOBANK DO NOT EVER LOSE YOUR CARD. This bank is a joke and a scam.

Please don't trust your money with them.This is the worst merchant that I've ever encountered. my card was lost and/or stolen and in one day the thief (I hate a thief) used my card back 2 back even from the same merchant ...Like they went to Autozone 3 different times ON THE SAME DAY!! Nothing more smells of fraudulent activity than that. I noticed it like a day and 1/2 later and I reported it immediately.

Most of the charges were still pending at the time of my call. Great! I thought. Just turn everything off to stop the pending charges.

Nooooooooo! they tell you that you can't even dispute a charge until it actually posts!!!! WTF!! GoBank are the real crooks in this scenario.

They have no security to protect your account, their customer service (based in the Philippines) is horrible. They barely speak english, I can't understand them and they can't understand me (or least they pretend not to) All they do is repeat the same script to you over and over again, incapable of just having a real conversation. And after all the waiting for the pending charges to post and paperwork, and dispute form and investigation. They basically informed (I actually had to call them.

they don't call or write, so you'll have to spend time everyday calling them) me that they decided to side with the criminal, that I'm obviously a liar and authorized the charges!!!!!!!! WTF!!. . ABSOLUTELY INCREDULOUS!!!

Called Uber, and they've basically washed their hands of Gobank. "that's their issue". I'm like your name is on the card tho, clearly you have a partnership a vested interest in them. So you should know this is how they treat your drivers.

Now I have to wait 2 WEEKS to (maybe) get their decision letter in the mail, so I can again dispute the dispute decision. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone in the world! GO BANK needs to GO OUT OF BUSINESS!! I would give them ---1000 to infinity if I was allowed.

Trust me, I'm not done with them.

I found very identical complaints from all over the US as recently as this week. GUARD YOUR CARD!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gobank Customer Care.


I liked: Keeping my uber earnings separated from my.

I didn't like: Gobank fradulently not refunding me.

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I just purchased a blank card at 711. Should have checked it out first.

After purchase I went online to activate my card and was told the card not valid . Went back to 711 and he said it will go through after midnight . Wtf I have never heard of such a thing. Now I'm told I won't be able to activate the card for over 24 hours because too many attempts were made.

I want my money back but can't even get a hold of a real person. Anyone have a number a human will answer

to Kristy #1627153

Call number on back of card. Choose the lost stolen card options.

Then choose the never received card option.

U gonna enter dob and zip code the. They send u to a broken English speaking *** that can't help you but is a"Supervisor"


I Absolutely Hate Go Bank!!!#Period #PointBlank

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