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My Uber go Bank visa debit card is partially damaged. A keeps falling apart. How can i apply for a new one?

Preferred solution: New uber go bank visa debit card.

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I've delivered uber eats for years, still use the visa debit card thru go bank. Over the last couple weeks i've lost $10,000.00 thru unauthorized fraudulent debit purchases @ Starbucks in Brooklyn New York.

I'm located in Phx, Az. This money came from military after recent death of retired vet spouse. I can't get through to a live person have called multiple times, got thru 1 time, only $1,096 disputed & denied after investigation.

I need this money to live, did not make these purchases, i need help, i reported fraud on February 8,2020. The day i found out my account was suddenly overdrawn

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