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I received a call offering me a loan of 1500 and only paying back 1540 . Will you give me some feedback on that I think it’s fraud.

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My husband got scammed by these people they got $1,100 hundred dollars and no one to talk to I'm at a loss help......


I got the same call today go to Walmart get a go bank card deposit 222.00 on the card then call us back with the information then we will deposit your loan amount onto your card of 2500.00 I asked if I the money had to stay on the card they said I could withdraw 2000 dollars of it right away omg I’m so glad I got on here to make sure it wasn’t a scam I had a feeling it was thank goodness for internet!!!!


Wow this is so crazy they just took my last 500 I don’t know what I was thinking like how can a loan company ask you for money for them to lend you money this is so crazy

to Anonymous #1633508

I’ll give u number to get ahold of them


I too was given a call about this. $2,500 they wanted $200 up front.

I wasn't sure about it till I saw your post. Don't do it. I see now that it is a scam.

And if you notice they're all foreign accented voices with American names. Like Charles Perry and Gary Douglas their accents are too authentic to be such


Never will a loaning company ask u for money up front EVER, or they are a scam. Someone needs to catch these Jerks, there's so many of them its sickening. Please, no one ever send these scammers money, please


This is totally a scam they will take all your money and go tell you to deposit money and you will receive funds


They have offered me a loan but want 1st month installment on go card. Then supposed release of funds.

Say they are giving me 4000 dollar loan and I haven't seen any documentation yet. Scam?

to Ron #1614650

I got the same thing over the weekend. I lost $520 and still trying to call them and they keep hanging up on me.

Christine Thomas 937.543.1716, Gary Davis 702.472.8684 and the Attorney they have in Pennsylvania. They told me to pay the first monthly fee off $220 and they will release the money on GO Bank Card from Walmart.

And they take the money right off that. I have it being investigated by my bank and lawyers, I hope they get them.

to Paul Guy Jr #1618607

Were you ever refunded by anyone?

to James #1631716

The same thing happened to me cost me $250.00. Does anybody know of any recourse.

I believe I will write it off my taxes as a loss. Any other ideas from anybody?

to Paul Guy Jr #1624145

Thank u for your review u stopped me from losing money I don’t have

to Anonymous #1628042

I just received a call from them and I’m glad I looked it up and found these reviews before I proceeded any further

to Matt #1628077

Yes they just called me and said give them 220 do a 2500 loan... lucky I checked on here because I was about to do it

to Anonymous #1630644

They called me too and said to put 240 on go bank card and money would be put on my card in 20 mins glad i looked it up i knew it was to good to be true

to Paul Guy Jr #1624288

They are a scam, they took me for 240 dollars, they need to be caught..

to Paul Guy Jr #1633505

They are trying to get me to make payment in 45 min if it will help u

to Ron #1618606

Did you ever get your money back?


its a scam dont do it i had the same thing happen to me. but i didnt deposit after reading all the comment on the loan scams.

pleas edont deposit money u will lose itits a scam dont do it i had the same thing happen to me.

but i didnt deposit after reading all the comment on the loan scams. pleas edont deposit money u will lose it

to Anonymous #1490444

I hung up on the guyyes a scam. I tried getting in touch with go bank but if you don’t have an account you can’t speak with them

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