So. I ordered my Go Card 2 months ago.

And 3 replacement cards I still have never received it yet. Im an Uber driver. I read the horror stories here and I know what to expect next . So I started doing my own investigation.

Here is what Ive found by contacting others and reading over 500 reviews. Its very easy to connect the dots. #1. The longer it takes you to get the debit Go card, the more money you are likely to deposit on it.

once you receive it. Thats what they want. They not only have your money, but a lot of it. In 324 cases there were thousands of dollars to take, block, hold, and to cause identity theft ( from cards with no chips to wrong address deliveries) #2.

When I addressed a representative on the phone of all of the claims of fraud that was being vented by distraught customers, she told me that she was aware of everything, and blamed the USPS and used a conspiracy theory that USPS could be involved on a debit card fraud scheme and in return they now have massive fraud and theft of clients accounts. #3. Out of 500 recent complaints, 38 filled out police reports accuse Go Bank of Theft.

The total amount of stones claims is over $800,000 This is very disturbing. The way I see this ending is a lot of people being scammed out of a lot of money and eventually a very big fine for Green Dot.

User's recommendation: When the devil looks you square in the eye you run.

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