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My card, which I have used for 2+ years on eBay Amazon and multiple online stores, all of a sudden just started getting refused. I had funds on the card and made purchases seconds before this started.

I called the bank they say cards fine it's not their fault it's the online stores fault. I called these merchants they all said it was a hard decline. No way in *** can 4 different stores read the same reason for decline and it be wrong. Called the bank back after each time I spoke to a merchant.

They kept telling me the same *** That it wasn't thier fault. When I asked to speak to a manager multiple times I was hung up on sent to automated system. That's when I got pissed. They don't know what a hard decline is apparently or how to fix it nor do they care.

They are all Hindu or some middle eastern "slurpie fast stop" broken English speaking mother *** and they're supposed to be helping American customers. But still nothing done to fix the problem. This is *** poor and very bad business. I am a U.S.

Marine Corps combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan with 5 tours of duty. Veterans get *** on enough in. A multitude of ways. And now we cant even make purchases online which most of us do because we'd rather not deal with liberal tree hugging disrespectful anti-trump *** in the public that like to stand on and burn the flag my brothers and sisters and I fight to protect and the brothers and sisters that have fought and died for.

It's also said that thier cards with Master Card and Visa insgnias are accepted everywhere Master Card and Visa are accepted. Well I call *** And that is false advertising. If there was an actual branch that could be visited....well it's just a good thing that there isn't one let's just leave it at that. All and all this is a *** poor organization and as soon as possible tomorrow I am draining all of the money I have off that card and going to a Bank that can be trusted.

Then I have to go through the headache of redoing all my direct deposit info for work and the VA.

And if any veterans reading this have any bennefits received through direct deposit you know how much of a pain in the *** that is. Next on the Chopping block would be the companies that approve employ and adverties that Gobank is trustworthy namely Greendot Bank and the FDIC.

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Mine is also doing the same thing! And the act like I am the only one that this is happening to


Mine has been doing the samething. I can’t make any online purchases and customer service is no help.

Wtf is going on?!? It’s been like this a whole week

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