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Can I mail in a personal check

I have never made a direct deposit into mobile banking can I mail a personal check given to me for my birthday in the mail?


Transaction made

There was a transaction I did not make for 75$ . So can someone call me about that


Hi go bank I sameh Radwan

Plz top PayPal from my go bank account I no want PayPal take any money from my account thanks you .


Gobank withdrawal

Why has my account been blocked? I am out of State and have funds that were sent to me and I can't get to it because you all have blocked it.


Lost card

U can't remember my email on file. I have not received my card. I don't remember the email on file to get in my account.


My email

I am having problem verify my email and changing my number


Uber go bank debit card

I am trying to sign up for uber go bank account.After I finish the application it says I have been approved and to click on the email.

I never receive a email and I did this like 20 times. I cannot finish the application without there email but they not sending me anything. I call the customer service number but I can't get a representative because I don't have a debit card number. I need to speak to someone to help me apply for this card.

I called uber and they aren't helping.I don't know what else to do.


I am having the same identical problem. Did you ever get your card? If so, how did you do it?

I am beyond frustrated.


You have to contact GoBank to let them know you have not received their card.I personally had bad experience with them.

But if you aren't planning on making mobile deposits like I did you should be fine.Well good luck to you.


I have been waiting on a replacement debit card please help

I reported the car stolen or lost earlier this week it's been five days it didn't come today I'm just saying if you don't have a way you could trace it


Why isn't my card working??

You claim that the technical issue your company is having will not effect my card but your wrong.I have a 7 month old baby that needs things and I go to use my card and it doesn't work.

And I know for a %100 fact I have money on my card.

I need to know what is going on so I can use my money on my card.Thank you.


Amen to that. Wtf is wrong with their service.?


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