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Not getting through to you.

Can someone please call me


Card lost

I need to talk to someone about mailing me another card. Or do I just go buy one? I need to speak to an attendant.


need to speak to a real person

I have been trying to call go bank for three days..only get the same recording.

all numbers listed have the same recording. I need a refund..

will not supply SSN..why would you want such personal info online ?????



I just bought this card I loaded 500$ on it and I'm having problems registering it and now it has locked me out for 24 hours and my bills are due today that's why I loaded that much on there


Replacement card/lost

I called in a lost bank card , automated service, it transferred me to a live person , whom I have been waiting for 25 minutes now, I just want to confirm that they got my request...for a replacement card...being I didn't get a email pertaining to the situation.


I need to activate an additional card?

I have a gobank cars that is already active. Now i have purchased another card and am unable to activate this card due to my 1st card having the same email and phone number. Am i missing something or is this not possible?


Lost card

Why is it so hard to report your card lost or stolen.


Uber bank card

Why can’t I sign up for the uber bank card.



Hi everyone!I forgot my PIN cart number, I have not an account.

Please could you help me reset a new PIN number?Thanks


Can I mail in a personal check

I have never made a direct deposit into mobile banking can I mail a personal check given to me for my birthday in the mail?


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