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Consumer Complaints At Go Bank I bought a Go Bank Prepaid Debit MasterCard to use during a period that I am without my bank debit card; however, I have tried to activate the card and get a PIN for several days now!

I have tried to activate on line and I am unable to, I tried calling, but you cannot reach a I’ve operator! Called a bunch of numbers listed for them but could not get a customer service agent! In fact, that damn machine that answers kept cutting me off and interrupting!

Anyway, Please know that this is wrong and certainly not the way to do business! Go Banks Cystomrt service sucks and I will never use Ho Bank again!

I need a customer service representative or someone I’m management to call me at 304-840-1751 to call me today because I have ran out of options! I want to use the $250 that’s on it because it’s mine and I need it! Actually, If I don’t get a call today and get this card straightened out, I will contact the Banking Commission and the West Virginia Attorney Generals Consumer Complaint Section If I don’t receive call from you today! Plus, I will institute legal proceedings to recover my money

Hopefully y’all get thos matter taken care of today!

Willard Bays


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I have had the exact same problem. In fact I WAS able to speak to a live person, only to have her tell me that they sent me an email on January 3.

(I had bought the cards, one @$400 & $500). I checked again and there was no such email. She went on to tell me that it is the company's protocol to NOT resend emails!!! She also told me that I needed to open an online account in the midst of registering my cards.

I thought that I had! The next step was that theywould have the branch mgr. @technical support call me within the next two business days in the morning hours (to which I reluctantly agreed to. Well the afternoon of the ensuing day, my phone miraculously lit up with a VM message.

I listened to it. Wouldn't you know it? It was from the supervisor at Gobank corp saying for me to call back. Gave me their hours and reference number and also referred to himself as rep of Greendot.

I quickly called the number only to get a recording saying that the number was no longer in use!!

I am broke as a *** and these to its don't give give ONE let alone TWO *** Have you had any luck regarding your situation? We need to exchange each other's numbers and unite in a "rage against the machine" uprising and exploit these thieving pieces of pig shit!"I need as much help as I can and there is much truth in the adage, "there is more power in numbers." Please keep me updated as I will for you.

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