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I would pull all your money out right away and find a real bank. The corporate # I have is 866.652.4611 press 1 at the frst prompt then enter ext 2402.

I spoke to a helpful woman there once but got this *** theodore castro twice. I have never even received verification an actual dispute was filed. Everyone there tells oyou something different. Their indian customer service is unprofessional, rude and insulting.

Some indian guy who says his name is theodore castro ( probably a fake name) took the call. Claims he is the highest level of customer service management in the escalation dept. Refused to provide the name or contact info for his supervisor. He is the main reason I am closing the account and I have a very large balance.

This guy is argumentative, rude and cannot complete a proper sentence. I went to withdraw $500 from an atm where I make similar transactions regularly and the money was deducted from my account but the atm did not dispense the cash. I have spoken to him twice and he is impossible to work with. He plays mind games and refuses to answer simple questions regarding their processes and procedures.

He would make statements and then claim 5 minutes later he never said that. He insinuated I was too stupid to understand his answers which were not answers but roundabout double speak. The guy was deliberately messing with me and my money. He refused to answer my questions directly and told me things like I had to file the dispute online- then said I did not need to and acted like I was stupid for thinking that even though he had just said exactly that.

He told me I had to mail something to them in writing - then said I did not. He told me I would receive and email which I never did and I cannot get a straight answer out of anyone there. - I am filing complaint with the US attorney general on Monday and with any and all appropriate banking oversight agencies- GoBank needs to lose their banking licenses and permits and be shut doen. I regret ever banking with them After 11 years I am cleaning my account out immediately.

I better get my money back. Stay away from this ripoff bank!

User's recommendation: STAY AWAY - bury your money int the backyard or hide it in the mattress.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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